FAQ’s about Let’s Talk Medical with Doctor Gigi:

How does Let's Talk Medical with Doctor Gigi work?

If you wish to engage in a conversation with Doctor Gigi, you can reach her via this website. There is a contract to sign before the conversation. This contract acknowledges that Doctor Gigi is NOT establishing a doctor-patient relationship with you, but is making herself available to discuss your medical concerns & to educate you so that you might better understand your medical situation & thus make better choices regarding your health.

There will be NO treatment rendered, thus no prescriptions given. After the consent is signed, Doctor Gigi will be notified that you want a session with her. You & the doctor will schedule a mutually agreeable time when you can speak by phone. These sessions can be scheduled as a minimum of 30 minutes, with increasing increments of 15 minutes. Thus you will be asked to schedule a 30, 45, or 60 minute session, & payment will be made via credit card PRIOR to the session. As Doctor Gigi is a Family Practitioner, she has a broad scope of medical knowledge; thus feel free to speak with her about ANY medical concerns. If she cannot help you, she will likely know who can!

If you have ever Googled WEBMD for education, you realize that medical knowledge is one thing, but the application of that knowledge to the individual is the ART of medicine… & not easy for someone without true medical training. So do your Google search, then talk to Doctor Gigi for more clarity!

What if I need more time to talk to Doctor Gigi?

Your session will be scheduled according to your requested time. If during the session you recognize that you want or need more time, this can be arranged as long as your schedule & Doctor Gigi’s schedule permits. If needed, the session can be continued on another day. Of course, payment for the extra time will be rendered via the website. Please feel free to speak with Doctor Gigi about what you need, & she will do her best to accommodate your request.

Why do I need to sign a contract?

As Doctor Gigi wishes to help more people than just those who come to her office to see her, she is offering this telephonic medical consultation service. However, this service is NOT meant to establish a doctor-patient relationship between you & Doctor Gigi. As such, the contract spells this out & indicates that you are aware that no such relationship exists. Instead of treating you medically, Doctor Gigi is serving in this capacity as a medical educator in an effort to help you navigate the medical arena in a manner more specific to you the individual.

Why do I have to be a resident of either Louisiana or Florida?

Doctor Gigi holds medical licenses in the states of Louisiana & Florida. Thus these are the only states in which she can practice medicine. And believe it or not, simply talking about medicine is considered medical practice when you are a physician!

I don't want to use PayPal. Do you accept any other form of payment?

Please contact Doctor Gigi’s office, as it is likely that other payment arrangements can be made.

FAQ’s about the Scopester:

Which stethescopes will fit the Scopester?

Almost all stethoscopes will fit in Scopester. This includes infant & adult stethoscopes, & single as well as dual-head stethoscopes. Brands such as Littman, Sprague, Sprague-Rappaport, & Clinical should function well with Scopester. One customer indicated that even the electronic stethoscope will fit, though I suggest you try it before you buy it, as the electronic stethoscope has a special design. The only stethoscope that I know will absolutely NOT fit is the Clear Sound stethoscope which has an acrylic bubble side which is too thick to fit in the Scopester body.

I have seen a similiar product for significantly less money. Why should I pay more for Scopester?

Scopester is very different than Prestige’s Hip Clip.

  • Scopester is made of very durable plastic… in fact my first one lasted 10+ years until I finally broke it!
  • Scopester also has a spring-loaded J-clip which allows you to take it on & off of your waist band while your stethoscope is loaded.
  • Each Scopester comes as a set which includes a wall bracket. This bracket can be screwed into a wall (using the screws which are included) or attached to a metal locker (using the double-sided sticky tape on the back of the bracket), thus allowing you to hang your Scopester & stethoscope near your keys at home, on a wall in the office, or in a locker at work.
  • Scopester also carries a stethoscope differently than Hip Clip does. When loading Scopester, you first put the bell into the body of Scopester, then you place the ear pieces in ear cups located behind the body. This provides easier flow in loading & unloading the stethoscope. Conversely, Hip Clip loads the ear pieces first, then the bell, creating a more complicated, somewhat clumsy process. You might also notice that when properly loaded in Scopester the ear pieces lay across the tubing, thus holding the tubing close to your body. The tubing of a stethoscope loaded in the Hip Clip unfortunately creates a loop that is not held near the body, thus it is more likely to get caught on objects. Hopefully you will try Scopester, as I am certain you will quickly see that it is a better product… & though it is more expensive, it is still a great value!

Will Scopester work if I don't wear a belt?

Yes. Scopester will grab on to your belt, waistband, or even scrub ties.

How can I use Scopester if I wear a 3 pocket scrub top and do not tuck my shirt into my pants?

You can try putting Scopester on your right or left side where the “V” is cut in the side of the scrub top. Try pulling the V behind the Scopester body, thus exposing Scopester & making your stethoscope readily available. If this is not comfortable, you can attach Scopester to your waist & pull your top over it as per usual. When you want to use your stethoscope you will need to lift your top up a little to access it. It should be noted however that Scopester will not work well if simply attached to a pocket (upper or lower) as the unit will flip out if not stabilized. Thus I am working on sewing a small dedicated pocket in the lower pocket of a scrub top… like the tiny one for a pen in your top pocket. Stay tuned, & let me know if you have any suggestions to make Scopester more functional!

Can I purchase Scopester in bulk as a fundraiser?

Special pricing, along with custom colors and printing, is available for quantity orders. Stethoscope Holster, Inc. welcomes the opportunity to work with organizations, charities, hospitals, meetings and trade shows.

Didn’t find the answer? Send us an email.

If you did not find the answer to your questions regarding Scopester or Let’s Talk Medical with Docor Gigi, please send us an email or give us a call. We will reply promptly to any questions you may have.

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  • Thanks so much! I really rely on this great invention of yours. Please send two!
    Emily J.
  • I'm actually not sure if Harvard has the stethoscope holster... I know Brown carries them, but not sure about Harvard. Next time I'm there, I'll scope out the COOP boolstore and see what they have. I was working with an MD who went to Brown.... that's how i became enlightened regarding the holster...... They're such a great idea.
    Jody L
  • Your product works great! Thanks so much for your kind attention in dealing with this matter.
    William M.
  • I picked up your Scopester at ABC Medical in Laval near Montreal. They even stock them. My Littmann 3000 fits perfect, do not even need to flip it. It's great! So well made. Thank you again for making a great product.
    Lee R.
  • Thanks for the coolest invention. I love my stethoscope holster.
    Emily J.
  • Thank you for your prompt shipment of Chris's holster. His wife, the nurse practitioner, was so impressed with the quality, she wanted one. Please send me a pink holster so i can put it in her x-mas stocking. You have a winner!
    Sarah P

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Doctor Gigi’s Qualifications:

  • Graduated from LSU in Baton Rouge in 1982 – BS in Biochemistry
  • Graduated from LSU School of Medicine in 1987
  • Bayfront Medical Center Family Practice Residency – 1990
  • Board Certified in Family Medicine- 1990 – present