Lagniappe Medical

Doctor Gigi opened her private medical practice in St Petersburg, Florida in 2005. She named her practice Lagniappe Medical, as lagniappe is a Louisiana French word that means “a little something extra.”  So patients have to pay privately for her services, but they receive in return a physician who is dedicated to them & their health.

Doctor Gigi is committed to practice medicine for the patient, not for the almighty dollar nor for the bureaucracy which has overtaken medicine.


For the Patient.
Our practice is dedicated to our patient and their health.


  • Health of our patients.

  • Patient Education.

  • Patient relationships.

  • “A little something extra.”



6600 30th Ave. North
St Petersburg, FL 33710

Phone number:

(727) 381-4463

Monday – Friday 8 AM – 5 PM

Top quality care with that “little something extra”.

Patient Testimonials

“Character is how you treat others when they can do nothing for you. May I just say, I think you have a lot of character!”

Lee B. – patient