Let’s Talk Medical with Doctor Gigi

Medical consultations and patient educations phone sessions with Doctor Gigi with designated time intervals.

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Carry your stethoscope on your waist or belt instead of around your neck. Reduces chances of lost, misplaced or damaged stethoscopes.

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Private Medical Practice

Doctor Gigi maintains a private medical practice in St Petersburg, FL and is taking new patients at Lagniappe Medical, PA.

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Consult a Doctor

Do you have questions about your health that have not been answered? Do you need a telephone medical consultation to clear things up?

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Peer Recognition

Gigi Lefebvre, MD (Doctor Gigi) was elected by her fellow peers for inclusion in Best Doctors in America from 1996-2013.

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For the Patient

Doctor Gigi believes that every patient has the right to spend time with their doctor and not be rushed due to numbers games.

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