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Doctor Gigi is licensed to practice medicine in the states of Florida and Louisiana.

Board Certified in Family Medicine- 1990 – present

Doctor Gigi has made guest appearances on Bay News 9 for medical expert opinions.

Thanks so much! I really rely on this great invention of yours. Please send two!

Emily J.

I'm actually not sure if Harvard has the stethoscope holster... I know Brown carries them, but not sure about Harvard. Next time I'm there, I'll scope out the COOP boolstore and see what they have. I was working with an MD who went to Brown.... that's how i became enlightened regarding the holster...... They're such a great idea.

Jody L

Your product works great! Thanks so much for your kind attention in dealing with this matter.

William M.

Thanks for the coolest invention. I love my stethoscope holster.

Emily J.

I picked up your Scopester at ABC Medical in Laval near Montreal. They even stock them. My Littmann 3000 fits perfect, do not even need to flip it. It's great! So well made. Thank you again for making a great product.

Lee R.

Thank you for your prompt shipment of Chris's holster. His wife, the nurse practitioner, was so impressed with the quality, she wanted one. Please send me a pink holster so i can put it in her x-mas stocking. You have a winner!

Sarah P

This is a much better product than the hip clip. I first used you product after having obtained it at the bookstore. After 3-ish years of hard use it broke and I made the mistake of trying another product and it was garbage by comparison.

Amanda C.

Thank you all for being so loving @ supportive You are all so dear.

Vicki M. a patient

You need to know how much your patients appreciate your sacrifice towards giving us such great care!

Sue S.


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